Light-Life® Tools Introduction to Meditation Kit

- Do you want to relax more when you meditate?
- Is your mind still churning and spinning from the day?

The Light-Life® Tools provides the mechanism to help you relaxing "into" your meditation.

- 3 ˝ Lost Cubit Heavy Light-Life® Ring
- Sacred Cubit Feedback Loop
- 1 Lost Cubit Heavy Gold Light-Life® Ring

Take our heavy Lost Cubit Light-Life® Ring, hold it with two hands over your head and lower it slowly down over your body. Allow it to cleanse your aura and set your mind at peace. Place it on your favorite mediation spot and sit right in it. You can also place it behind you on the wall and allow the light column to embrace your body.

3 ˝ Lost Cubit Heavy Light-Life® Ring

Uses and Potential Benefits:

  • Used for sitting in or on for meditating to calm and center the mind;
  • Before, during and after Yoga
  • Relaxing the body after a tiring day
Sacred Cubit Light-Life® Feedback Loop

Uses and Potential Benefits:
  • When facing you it draws higher energies into the body.
  • Pulls out negative energy (pain) from the body, transforms it into positive energy and puts it back into the body.
  • By placing feedback loop in a vertical position by bed facing you, it may stop disharmonious energies from coming into your space.
1 Lost Cubit Heavy 24K Gold Plated Light-Life® Ring

Uses and Potential Benefits:
  • A heavier ring that manifests positive energy
  • Very effective in visualization techniques

Retail price: $504; Discounted price $429

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In the Mind of a Master book not included.