About Slim Spurling - Slim Spurling Light-Life Technology

About Slim Spurling and Light-Life(R) Technology

Slim was born in 1938 in South Dakota and moved to Colorado in 1944. After completing his enlistment in the United States Naval Reserve, he attended Colorado State University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in forestry and botany, with a minor in mycology and biochemistry. He also took post-graduate classes in chemistry.

He then spent 20 years teaching himself the art of blacksmithing, and that experience became what Slim referred to as "a wonderful exercise in alchemy," an early form of chemical technology that sought to explore the nature of substances. Working with the four elements in their various forms and qualities, earth, air, fire, and water, Slim created useful, and beautiful, pieces of art.

Several years later, while leading a successful blacksmithing school, Slim and his good friend Bill Reid began to formally research the intricacies of alchemy. Slim became an internationally recognized researcher and dowser (dowsing is the process of locating underground water, minerals or energy lines using specialized rods), travelling to North and South America, Europe and South Africa to teach Geopathic Stress Reduction as well as the introduction to and application of the Light-Life Tools.

About Slim SpurlingOne day, when Slim lived in northern Colorado, weather forecasters were predicting a huge winter storm. During radio reports, they urged farmers to bring the livestock into the barns, stock plenty of hay, and hunker down. Unaware of the reports, Slim was outside working on the ranch, when he noticed a grey, fuzzy sky. He didn't want the wind to blow his cornstalks off to the next county, and he was aware of the importance of using his knowledge about energy to abate the storm so he began throwing energy at it.

He did that every time he drove his tractor northward, which was 8 or 10 times.

By the end of the day, the weather forecaster announced that the storm had dissipated.

In Slim's own words: " I'm sitting there on my tractor scratching my head, saying, 'Wow. This stuff really works, whatever it is."

From then on, together, Slim and Bill Reid studied "the real world" what prayer/meditation is, how it works, and the concept of how everything relates to prayer. This research segued into his interest in Geobiology, the study of the influence of earth energies on all forms of life. The friends then began to study Geopathic Stress Zones, areas of negative energy, and their effects on the environment and living beings. Out of this research, Slim developed what became the first Light-Life Ring in 1991.

Shortly after, Slim became very sick and almost died. He decided to apply his newly discovered Light-Life Ring to his own healing. It saved his life. That inspired him to continue with the research to create more tools, now known as the Light-Life Tools, to support the recovery and protection of physical and spiritual well-being.

In 1993, Slim co-founded the Geobiology Research Association. This is a network of student-associates who practice the art of dowsing for the purposes of neutralizing or blocking Geopathic Stress in order to alleviate unexplained symptoms experienced by humans exposed to these areas. Field reports gathered by practitioners for more than 22 years form a body of evidence not only pertaining to the reality of the existence of geopathic stress but also supports the fact that it can be eliminated. This was extremely valuable research in Slims eyes, as he firmly believed that " Geopathic Stress is at the root of every known ailment, whether it's physical, emotional, mental or spiritual."

In 1997, Slim met Katharina Kaffl at his first workshop in Munich, Germany. In 2001, they were married. To Slim's intuitive genius, Katharina brought her extensive professional experience in business, finance, and practice as a healer to their union. Before long, she also became a partner in his creative world of Light-Life Technologies. Katharina managed the business, allowing Slim more time to focus on his research work. During their time together, they created several new lines of products with over 80 items. On a higher level, Katharina and Slim's marriage wed their commitment to each other with their dream of bringing harmony and healing to the world and its entire people.

About Slim Spurling and Katharina Spurling-Kaffl

Since Slim transitioned from his physical plane in 2007, Katharina carries on with his legacy and her commitment to take the Light-Life Tools out into the world.

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