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Affiliate Member Benefits

Alternative Wellness Affiliates use the advantage of the internet and the support of IX-EL, Inc. to spread well-being and healing benefits of the Light-Life Technology Tools. Affiliate membership honors your commitment to sharing the Light-Life Tools with your community for energy healing and personal health by giving you a discount on future purchases. You will receive an individual Affiliate link to share with your friends and customers.

More importantly, though, you become a key player in the thriving movement to heal the earth and all its living beings, as you spread the powerful, healing technology of the Light-Life Tools.

For all Affiliates, the power is in your hands.

Alternative Wellness Affiliate Benefits:

  • Receive a unique URL for your Affiliate link
  • Advertise using banners and embedded links
  • Increase your sales discount
  • Receive store credit from purchases through your friends and customers
  • Obtain special bonuses depending on your affiliate sales

We would love to welcome you as an Affiliate partner in our mission to bring healing to the world.

The Affiliate program is not available to citizens of Europe and the UK at this time.

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