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Venus Mirror Finger Rings

The Venus Mirror rings were created to help add to and balance energies in powerful, yet subtle ways.

Slim Spurling's intent for creating the six different Venus Mirror finger rings was for them to serve as a daily visual reminder and energetic attractor for archetypal influences that exist within us all. According to Slim, the rings are keyed precisely to the fundamentals of the planet and life on it.

The rings are made out of copper, sterling silver, or a combination of both. The combination rings create a synergy of each metal's influence, listed below. Be sure to check out this finger chart to guide you as where to best wear your Venus Mirror Finger ring for your unique situation.

Copper, when worn on the body, is reported to:
  • Revitalize you physically
  • Activate your mind
  • Decrease mental stress
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Stir you from lethargy
  • Attract love
  • Protect against evil
  • Purify and cleanse both mind and body
Sterling Silver, when worn on the body, is reported to:
  • Promote well-being
  • Send soft energy movement throughout the body
  • Carry a lunar female energy
  • Add sparkle and shine to your senses
  • Create a sunny perspective regarding your emotions
  • Purify and cleanse both mind and body

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Light-Life Tools Hidden Venus Finger Ring Hidden Venus Finger Ring

Helps create a wall of protection around the aura of the wearer.

Our Price: $63.00
Light-Life Tools Primitive Venus Finger Ring Primitive Venus Finger Ring

Connect with your inner goddess. Connect with love.

Our Price: $72.00
Light-Life Tools Evolving Venus Finger Ring Evolving Venus Finger Ring

May amplify physical, emotional healing and stability.

Our Price: $89.00
Light-Life Tools Evolved Venus Finger Ring Evolved Venus Finger Ring

Designed with higher creativity in mind.

Our Price: $110.00
Light-Life Tools Unseen Venus Finger Ring Unseen Venus Finger Ring

Reported to create a radiant field that promotes well-being.

Our Price: $111.00
Light-Life Tools Primal Venus Finger Ring Primal Venus Finger Ring

Energy attractor for archetypal influences that exist within us all.

Our Price: $122.00