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Acu-Vac Coils

Transcript of video testimonial: So I was visiting Katharina and Slim 20 years ago already. And we were gathering and talking. Before the trip, I had cut my finger really bad although I don’t think you can see anything. So it had healed, but the cut was right next to the joint it stayed folded like that (45 degree angle) and I could straighten. And it really not easy to have a finger folded like that, but that was the situation.

So while we were talking, I saw the Acu-Vac Coil and I grabbed it. And I put it first with the bead towards the finger and it was feeling quite uncomfortable. So I turned it around and that was feeling good. And I didn’t know why at the time so I kept it like that. And we were having the conversation and we went on for maybe 10 to 15 minutes, I think it was 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, I left the Acu-Vac Coil and I started to raise this part of my finger, this part of my finger and it didn’t hurt; it was possible. And I got it all the way to straight my finger. And it’s perfect as if nothing happened. Twenty years later, I remember the story because of the Acu-Vac Coil.

- Joelle

To whoever gets this email,

I wanted to share something amazing that I feel the Large Lost Acu-Vac along with the Sacred Small Feedback Loop attached to a Tensor Ring has produced.

We had a man who has been in prison for many years recently get out and is temporarily staying in our home while in transition.

For the first month, he had an attitude, being very gruff and sometimes a plain bully in his tone of voice and what he would say. You never knew when he would go off on you when asking even a simple question. A smile? Forget it.

He simply created a real disruption in the atmosphere of the home so much that the housewife broke out in a rash on her chest and arms several times from the stress. Then one evening I got the idea to use my Large Lost Acu-Vac aimed at his bed just on the other side of the wall from my bedroom.

So I aimed it his direction while hooked up to an Empowerment Ring along w/ my Sacred Feedback Loop also hooked onto the Tensor Ring. It literally was sucking out the negative energy from him as he slept. So he had this aimed at him all night as he slept.

WOW! That next morning his attitude did a major 180-degree shift! He was joking and nice! This has been a good 3 weeks or more now and there has hardly been anything at all that might be even a little disturbing. He is consistently funny and cracking the rest of the household up. And he never previously had cracked jokes or even smiled, but now he does! Thanks SO much, Light-Life Technology for helping us to once again have a peaceful household….priceless!!

Venus Mirror Finger Rings

I wore the Evolved Venus while doing a CranioSacral session on Friday evening. I usually send energy with my right hand and catch it with my left. While wearing the Evolved Venus I felt very much like a defibrillator with energy flowing so strongly out of both hands. I felt bursts of energy, almost big bangs clearing stuck junk out of the client's field.

- D.M. - Doylestown, PA

Tensor Rings

"I have suffered with heart rhythm problems for over 30 years. My cardiologist said that I would just need to live with the problem. Then I was introduced to the Light-Life Ring. Since I have worn this ring near my heart (I keep it in a breast pocket of my shirt) my heart has been in perfect rhythm! I feel great! I don't know how it works... but it does!"

- recent heart surgery patient 2020

Personal, Agricultural and Environmental Harmonizers

Hawaiian Islands protected from Hurricane Douglas

Aloha Katharina, Kauai just got the all clear this morning. Yesterday was amazing. Douglas could not have passed any closer without causing any significant damage. It was mind-blowing to track it live online, see it passing so incredibly close, but not experience anything more than normal wind speeds with the occasional strong gust. Drizzled on and off all day with a couple of heavy downpours later last night.

[Local news stations reported stated "a jog to the north" protected the islands from the strongest impacts of the storm."]

Please send my thanks to everybody who lent us the strength of their Harmonizers, their thoughts and prayers. We here in Hawaii are very grateful!

- Keiko

I just received my Sacred Cubit Mini Personal Harmonizer and in just a couple of days, I have noticed subtle changes in my mood and responses to situations without putting any intentional thought into it!!

Before I even received the Harmonizer, I allowed myself time to acclimate with it into my aura and "pair" with it but---- already, I am sensing a wonderful uplifting change and I am just delighted!!

- Marvin - Buffalo, NY

I was a participant in a workshop yesterday. The class on muscle testing was taught by a Donna Eden Energy Medicine graduate/practitioner/teacher. In one exercise the goal was to weaken the spleen before muscle testing a particular substance. My partner was not able to weaken my spleen and found it necessary to ask the teacher for assistance. The teacher did the process, re-did the process, moved to my other side and did it, chose a different process on both sides, and finally did a 3rd alternative process to weaken my spleen to no avail. Then she noticed my jewelry. I had on the pyramid pendant, the personal harmonizer and the sacred and lost hoop earrings from Light-Life®. We laughed, I took off all the jewelry and handed them to my partner and was retested to weaken my spleen. Still strong.

I had my partner take my jewelry to another part of the building, about 40 feet away, we retested after the procedure and my spleen was weakened, and we were able to continue the muscle testing portion of the class.

So, I’d say that keeping the meridians flowing might be one of the functions of the harmonizer technology.

- B.J. - Chelan, WA

Song of the Soul Pendant

I have always tended to be easily susceptible and influenced by environmental energies, specifically the emotional energy of other people. It may sound cliche, but I often feel their pain.
To guard and protect myself from any unwanted emotional influences and effects, I have spent years learning and practicing various Native American rituals and meditations as well as studying Asian internal arts such as Qigong. These are very helpful practices, both preventive and restorative, but in the moment, maybe not so much.

I'm currently a student therapist interning at a hospital — which as you can guess, tends to be a sea of strong emotional energy. While there, I have been wearing the Song of the Soul pendant and have come to the conclusion it helps to protect me from being entrained by any detrimental feelings of others and from the emotional environment of the hospital in general. No doubt I feel more confident about the concern I may be taking on unwanted energy, which, thankfully, helps enable me to support others more effectively in my work with them.

- K.D. - Lakewood, CO

I had been wearing my Song of the Soul Pendant for about a week when I took a trip to Las Vegas, NV. We were there a short time, Thursday to Sunday. Thursday the crowds were very mild, Friday more people were rolling into town and by Saturday the strip was packed. So many people and so much energy coming from all over. Swimming through the sea of people on the strip, I felt completely protected from other people's energy interfering with my own. It was like I could feel a protective bubble around me. This to me was an ultimate test. Thousands of people everywhere and when we were finally back to the room, I felt like I had come out unscathed and was still in a great mood. My wife, on the other hand, was not wearing anything and returned extremely grumpy to say least. Hey, but I get it. So many people, so much energy it would take a whole lot not to let it all affect you. Or maybe just a small pendant, as I had.

I work around subtle energy all the time. I have tried many of the Light-Life tools. I feel like since I am around the subtle energy frequently some tools work better than others for me. The Song of the Soul pendant seems to be more potent for me. I could feel a difference in my way of thinking in just a few short weeks of wearing it. It seemed to put me on a different level of consciousness. I felt more aware of myself than I ever have. I felt like I was able to see my faults clearly and almost instantly want to figure out a way to remedy something I had said or did. It has made me more aware and pointed me in a direction of self-growth. Which can be a difficult thing to do on one's own.

- J.F.L. - Loveland, CO

For the last 10 years or so, I have been doing tons of internal work around what it means to be a female. I’ve been diving into the beliefs of society and how they have affected not only me, but many generations of women in my family. A lot of this internal work was very emotionally deep with the same type of traumas that seem to follow from generation to generation. I have noticed patterns in my own life where these traumas were once again surfacing. Many of these patterns I felt very out of control with; like somehow it was my karma or destiny to repeat them. Since wearing the Song of the Soul Pendant, I have found that I have been able to actually cut the energetic chords that these patterns have. I feel more free to be who I am authentically am when I wear the Pendant.

I am also a very anxious and mind driven person. I often have troubles shutting off the thoughts as try to sleep or meditate, the Pendent has been extremely helpful in this aspect. I feel when I am wearing it the worry about what “should be” dissipates and I am able to stay in the present moment.

- D.S. - Loveland, CO

While wearing the Song of the Soul pendant, I've noticed a subtle feeling of being protected and held. Also, a strong clarity and confidence with allowing transparency. It is definitely an "ally" tool. A tool that works with you, as you work with it. Clarity, integrity and confidence in being fully self expressed. Third Chakra activation. Energy movement through communication and auric protection while sharing truth. I love this tool!

- L.M. - Vancouver, CAN

The Geometry of the Song of The Soul Pendant provides a very "Warm, comforting, energy'' Which feels both fragile and powerful. It seems to activate heart centered communication, as well as a sort of 'veil' of energetic balance and harmony. The potential for future intention and past healing is amplified and 'synergised' with the same 'veil' of energetic peace.

- A.R. - Longmont, CO

Healers using the Light-Life Tools

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