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Synergy Environmental Harmonizer, Silver Plated

Synergy Light-Life Environmental Harmonizer, Silver Plated
INCLUDES: Environmental Clearing CD and a Sacred Cubit Light-Life Ring with three beads.

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This harmonizer is an extremely powerful tool as it combines the sacred geometry of the Sacred, Lost and Empowerment Cubits. The Sacred Cubit is associated with the physical realm. The Lost Cubit is associated with the emotional realm. The Empowerment Cubit works with the mental realm, and is said to help make dreams actualize. This is such a versatile tool as it helps with the health of the body, mind and soul.

This is an excellent gift for someone who is operating at a higher vibration. It is said to increase creativity dramatically and to open your eyes to many of the mysteries of the universe.

Place the Harmonizer anywhere in your home. For an added boost you can put the Harmonizer on top of our Environmental Clearing CD. As this is a powerful life force energy not known to many we suggest that you shut down your Harmonizer by placing it in the 1/2 Sacred Cubit Ring that is provided with your order. This will also help the Harmonizer recharge.

Our Price: $3,690.00

Availability: Usually ships in 1 - 2 business days
Product Code: 517S

This Harmonizer seems to accelerate the harmonizing energies within the environment and around the individual bringing back a sense of peacefulness, clarity, and being present in the moment, and can also contribute to creativity. We recommend the silver plated Harmonizer for people living in the city, and the 24K gold plated Harmonizer for people living in the country. Silver is better for reducing the harmful effects of EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) and there are many more EMFs found in cities.

This Harmonizer incorporates all three cubit measurements; the Sacred Cubit, the Lost Cubit and the Empowerment Cubit. It is a tool that aids in health for the body, mind and soul.

Potential health benefits of this tool include:
  • Improvement in overall health and well-being
  • Creation of harmony in yourself and your environment
  • Strengthening of your immune system
  • Enhancement of positive intentions
  • Balancing of brain hemispheres
  • Increase in intuitive abilities
  • Clearance and balancing of the chakras
  • Re-balancing of chi
  • Protection against picking up energies from other people
  • Creation of a comfortable feeling for yourself around groups of people
  • Increase in openness of the mind
  • Heightening of psychosomatic balance
  • Strengthening of your personal bio-field

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