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Seed of Life

The Light-Life Seed of Life Tensor Rings are created by overlapping seven Sacred Cubit Light-Life Rings inside a Lost Cubit Light-Life Ring.

Our Seed of Life creates a strong tensor field that exudes powerful energy.

  • Moving the Seed of Life slowly up and down when concentrating on a specific area sets the energy into motion and "kicks it up" a notch. You can also place it directly on areas of discomfort without any movement.

  • Each Seed of Life should be cleaned before using it by moving your hand back and forth and then up and down in a straight motion to clear the energy of previous uses. (Note: Do not move your hand in a circular motion - this will disrupt the matrix.)

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Seed Of Life - 1 Lost Cubit, 24K gold plated | Light-Life Technology Seed Of Life - 1 Lost Cubit, 24K Gold Plated

May help to relieve stomach and digestion discomfort.

Our Price: $432.00