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Sacred Cubit Lotus Pendant - 1/4 Cubit, Silver Plated

Sacred Cubit Light-Life Lotus Pendant - 1/4 Cubit, Silver Plated
Our 1/4 Sacred Cubit Lotus Pendants also come with a 1/4 Sacred Cubit Light-Life Tensor Ring, on an expandable satin chord.

Much like the other Light-Life Tools, the Lotus Pendant was built upon the principles of sacred geometry and quantum physics. The Lotus Pendant is a variation of the Seed of Life which is said to restore the DNA back to its original blueprint. We'll let Slim explain:

The Sacred Cubit Lotus Pendant seems to realign polarity. It uses fractal energy to transform a person closer to the perfection and harmony of creation, both at a cellular and a spiritual level. It corrects what is out of harmony, out of configuration, out of frequency, or out of vibration, and aligns it according to what is correct for the person wearing it. Also, it can help circulate energy in a space where it may be stagnant or stuck. When placed under a container of water, the Sacred Cubit Lotus Pendant changes the molecular value of the water. Water left over acts as “mother water” when refilling.

We've had countless testimonials from our Light-Life community about the healing properties of this tool. Customers say that it relieves discomfort, eases headaches, helps with indigestion, aides with sleep and re-balances the chakras. We are constantly learning about new ways in which this remarkable tool is being put to use. How will you incorporate the Lotus Pendant into your daily practices?

Our Price: $288.00

Product Code: 626S


How to use the Lotus Pendant and clean its energy

Our Sacred Cubit Lotus Pendants (gold or silver plated) come on a satin cord, and are designed and reported to:

  • Clear and balance chakras
  • Rebalance chi
  • Protect against picking up energies from other people
  • Helps best with physical issues

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  5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
This Lotus Pendant is very, very special. March 26, 2012
Reviewer: Bianca D. from Veracruz, Mexico  
Dear Katharina,
Well, I must say that this Sacred Cubit Lotus Pendant is very, very special. It arrived on December 30th, taking only 8 days to get down here at the busiest time of the year and I signed for it just as we were heading out on a trip, hence my delay in writing to let you know. I put it on immediately and haven’t taken it off since. I hope that’s ok because although I took it off at bedtime the first couple of nights, after that I simply didn’t want to.

Since I’ve been wearing it there has been a subtle but strong and unmistakable difference in how I feel and it’s a change for the better. I feel like my energy is more coherent and is solidly around me, but I don’t feel armored. I use applied kinesiology - muscle testing ... frequently and while I got dependable results before, sometimes I would have to recheck - now the results are very strong.

Last week we had some visitors, one of whom wanted some advice and a Reiki treatment. Where the lotus pendant comes in is that there was a certain degree of difficulty during the session, but at no point did I lose my centre or become impatient. While this person was freaking out and sending off sparks, challenging me ... as if it were my responsibility to fix his problems ... and riding an emotional roller coaster, I was completely serene. Patient, compassionate, and detached. This allowed me to be fully present. I demonstrated how to do some energy exercises (EFT and some of Donna Eden's marvelous Energy Medicine techniques) and there was a marked shift in his energies. He lightened right up. It was such a beautiful thing to see and I know the process was facilitated by the Lotus pendant.

Another interesting thing just happened when I was preparing a fairly elaborate meal. I left out an important step; I completely forgot to put in one of the ingredients. While it was not crucial to the final dish, it was a bit tricky to correct. Fortunately, I was able to improvise a solution without ruining the appearance of the dish, but what struck me was my reaction to what I’d done. This can be a very stressful time of year with so many visits and social events, but instead of getting stressed out I just laughed. Not that hysterical or grouchy ... what else can go wrong ... kind of laugh, but rather a light, amused ... dare I say philosophical kind of chuckle. Liberating.
There have been other little things, and they all make me marvel. I’m sure you get the idea. I really like being like this.
So, thank you very much for making the Lotus Pendant available, it is tremendously effective and beautiful.
All the best for 2010

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