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Nose / Head / Horse / Eye Masks

Nose Mask Gold

The Nose Mask is designed to reduce breathing difficulties by ionizing the air that the wearer breathes in. Breathing through the mask can be compared to breathing in cool ocean air. Eye / Head / Horse Masks were inspired by the success of the Nose Mask.

What would appear to be monatomic copper is apparently produced by the superconducting ring construction of the Nose Mask. This is a likely explanation for the reduction of bacteria, virus and fungus infections. The Nose Mask is used to alleviate sinus problems, asthma, allergies, hay fever, or any type of respiratory ailment. In addition, head cold symptoms seem to disappear soon after using the Nose Mask. The Nose Mask comes in two sizes, one for adults and one for children, and can be worn for any length of time, or for as long as it takes to experience relief.

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Nose Mask, Copper | Light-Life Technology Nose Mask, Copper

May help relieve allergy symptoms.

Our Price: $63.00
Nose Mask Light-Life, 24K Gold Plated Nose Mask, 24K Gold Plated

A good choice where high pollution exists

Our Price: $72.00
Nose Mask Light-Life, Silver Plated Nose Mask, Silver Plated

Preferred by those with more sensitive skin

Our Price: $81.00
Eye Mask Light-Life, Silver Plated Eye Mask, Silver Plated

Designed to help improve eye sight.

Our Price: $153.00
Head / Horse Mask Light-Life, Copper Head/Horse Mask, Copper

For those who need support in balancing their brain hemispheres.

Our Price: $288.00