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Matrix 22 Energy Harmonizer, 24K Gold Plated

Matrix 22 Light-Life Harmonizer, 24K Gold Plated
INCLUDES: Environmental Clearing CD, Kings Chamber CD and a 1/2 Empowerment Heavy Light-Life Ring. Place Harmonizer in ring to shut down its range.

This Harmonizer consists of a Sacred Cubit Agricultural Harmonizer on the inside and a Lost Cubit Agricultural Harmonizer on the outside. Essentially it is 1/2 the size of the Cosmic Washtub which employs 1 cubit lengths. The Matrix 22 contains 1/2 Sacred Cubit and 1/2 Lost Cubit Rings.

The double Harmonizer came about when Katharina Spurling-Kaffl was working with a clairvoyant. The customer noted that when the two cubit lengths were combined they seemed to have an even more powerful effect on the environment. In this combination, the Sacred Cubit Harmonizer's energy seems to move vertically and help with clearing atmospheric pollution. When combined, the Lost Cubit Harmonizer seems to move its energy horizontally, restoring soil and water to its original blueprint.

Not only is this a powerful tool to help with environmental concerns, but we get to reap the benefits emotionally as well. This has been known to restore harmony and balance in difficult situations. A great tool to have in your office space if you are looking for your team to greet each other with more understanding. It seems to lessen the need to have one's voice heard and make room to listen and greet your audience with openness and kindness. Some of our community likes to call these double Harmonizers "the protector" as it naturally deters those with negative dispositions. Have someone who likes to come into your office everyday to complain? Try putting a Matrix 22 on your desk and see what happens!

We are always listening and want to hear about your experience with this beautiful and functional Light-Life Harmonizer. Please write to us or join the conversation on our Facebook page!
Our Price: $3,330.00

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The World of Harmonizers

This Harmonizer’s energetic pattern is like outward flowing ocean waves, and current studies strongly suggest that its frequencies enhance the
subtle energy bodies of all living things. The Matrix 22 Harmonizer has a "pulsing" field that seems to expand over a period of time. It measures
about 4” H x 4 ˝” W.

What we have been shown is that it affects the earth as well as the sky and creates a beautiful multi-leveled matrix of spectrum light around wherever it is placed. It seems to pull in the same type of energy as the Great Pyramids. It seems to have the ability to rejuvenate, replenish, and
renew as it moves its energy in both directions creating a matrix of light.

The 24K gold plated Harmonizer seems to work well in restoring soil and water as well as supporting plant growth amongst its other benefits.

This Harmonizer consists of a Sacred Cubit Agricultural Harmonizer on the inside and a Lost Cubit Agricultural Harmonizer on the outside.
It is shipped with our Environmental Clearing CD, Kings Chamber CD, and a 1/2 Empowerment Heavy Light-Life Ring. You can alternate
between the Environmental Clearing CD and the Kings Chamber CD, however, when you are dealing with high pollution or severe storms, use the Environmental Clearing CD only. Place the Harmonizer in the Light-Life Ring in order to shut down its range of influence and/or for clearing it.

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