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Lost Cubit Heavy Light-Life Ring - 1 Cubit, 24K Gold Plated

Lost Cubit Heavy Light-Life Ring - 1 Cubit, 24K Gold Plated
What will you manifest with this ring?

The Lost Cubit is also affectionately called the Forbidden Cubit as there was no information found about this cubit, or neter length, in the ancient scripts. It has been said that the information pertaining to this particular cubit was destroyed as the nobility of the time didn't want the power of this ring to be given to the masses. We can't blame them as this ring is said to help our body return to it's original DNA blueprint, delaying or reversing the affects of aging! Much like some of our favorite fairy tales it makes sense as to why it was destroyed: the queen always wanted to be the fairest in the land.

We are learning about the power of the tools every day and this particular ring is often described as the ring of manifestation. Some of our community has claimed that while wearing it and speaking an intention that the intention came to fruition must faster and with more force. While this might not be the case for everyone, we ask you to try it for yourself! What have you set your intentions to lately? What will you manifest with this ring?

The heavier gauge wire is said to be more effective and assist with healing much more quickly. This is a must have for any healing practitioner who only has about an hour with a client. If you've never used a Light-Life Tool before or you are energy sensitive, you might want to try using the Lost Cubit in the regular gauge. Never hesitate to call our office if you are having trouble deciding which ring is right for you: (303) 833-9033.
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Lost Cubit - the basics

Known as The Manifestation Ring, this ring is the all-time favorite for customers who want help manifesting their ideal lives from health to wealth to happiness. Some people wear it around their necks for enhanced clarity and/or better concentration.

This ring is about 7" in diameter and is made with a heavier gauge copper wire that produces a stronger energy field and is designed and reported to:

  • Draw in positive life force energy
  • Improve overall health and well-being
  • Potentize water
  • Enhance taste of water and food
  • Energize water and food to keep them fresher longer
  • Make healing sessions more effective
  • Heal mental/emotional issues and traumatic experiences
  • Enhance healing over long distances
  • Support relief of emotional and physical issues when used in combination with the Lost Cubit Light-Life Rings
  • Protect against harmful EMFs to decrease premature aging at a cellular level
  • Neutralize harmful EMFs when placed over computer, computer monitor, cell phone, TV, smart meter, or any other electric device
  • Aid in manifestation
  • Reduce the effects of jet lag

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Lost Cubit August 7, 2018
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Emmett, ID  
Amazing product/technology.  I put it under my back
when laying down and it helps align the spine. Lay it on
your stomach to calm the gut. Very happy with the

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AMAZED!!! September 13, 2016
Reviewer: TM Lawson from Clifton, New Jersey  
I rec’d Lost Cubit Ring 5 days ago. I began playing with it & sleeping with it under my body to see how it would feel. I sat it on my stomach area as I have digestive issues (IBS).  The was the 1st change I noticed. Usually every morning I eliminate myself and especially after eating I have to go immediately with loose bowels. I noticed after the 1st day I didn't have loose stool and thought this a coincidence. Then day two came and no loose stool or the feeling of having to go immediately. Day 3 same thing. It's been 5 days and I haven't had a loose stool as of yet. After eating I don't feel the urge to go right away. AMAZING… If this was the only thing the ring did for me, I would be extremely happy ’cause IBS is horrible. There were so many times I didn't want to go places and eat out of fear I may have to go and I can't get to a bathroom quick enough. So the ring has definitely added to my quality of life and has given me a peace of mind but it doesn't end there...

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AMAZED!!! Part 2 September 13, 2016
Reviewer: TM Lawson from Clifton, New Jersey  
My use of the ring on three of my massage clients...
Client 1:  had lower back ache and chronic knee pain diagnosed by a doctor as arthritis. While faced down on the table I place the ring over her lower back while I massaged shoulders and neck.  When I got to the lower back I placed the ring under her pain knee while she remained faced down. When I finished this side of her body I turned her over and placed ring over pain knee. She is used to me using different types of tools on her so she didn't ask what I was doing. By the time I began to massage her arms she asked about the ring and noticed her knee felt so much better and wasn't paining her.  At this point she started asking questions and I began to explain to her about the rings.  It was interesting because I had to make the point that not just any copper ring will work but that it's copper that is twisted and cut to a specific length that makes it work the way it does. When she stood up her back pain had diminished as well.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
AMAZED!!! Part 3 September 13, 2016
Reviewer: TM Lawson from Clifton, New Jersey  
Use of ring on my massage clients from India. I placed the ring where I felt it was needed. When done, they asked me about ring. Both husband & wife kind of used the same wording, "I can't explain it but I feel light from the inside". Interesting that they both used the word, "light" as I never explained anything about the torsion field, its frequency, or how it emits light. I placed the ring over the husband's heart and used the 528Hz Solfeggio Tuning Fork. Out of all the places I put the ring, the heart area was where he felt the most energy.  I didn't know he had a minor heart attack a year ago. He said when I took the ring off he could feel as if something came off at the same time. He said, "I feel extraordinarily good." On the wife, she felt them the most on her lower back, stomach, and head. She said, "I felt my body just say ahhh and relax". She had been so stressed cause of husband's heart. She has digestive issues and said her belly area felt amazing.

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