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10LLRingsSlim Spurling’s Light-Life® Rings bring more life-force energy to everything in their fields which contributes to improving overall health and well-being. There is no limit to how the Light-Life® Rings can be applied to enhance your life! During the mid-1980s, Slim Spurling, researcher, artist, and inventor, began studying subtle energy phenomena and related technologies, including the work of Wilhelm Reich (well known for his research on orgone energy) and Nikola Tesla (inventor of the Tesla Coil). Slim also studied the work done in the 1950s by physicist John Archibald Wheeler who had discovered that when the ends of a piece of wire are joined in a loop, an energy field is formed which Wheeler termed a “tensor”.

At the time of Wheeler’s writing in 1957, there was no known application for the tensor except as a mathematical theory. By 1991, Slim Spurling had developed a device that is now known as the Light-Life® Ring, which became the prototype for tensor technology. In the years that followed, Slim, Bill Reid, and others, discovered multiple applications for the tensor energy field contained in the Light-Life® Ring.

Since clairvoyants can see light emitting from the Light-Life® Ring, and from the other tools Slim invented, the tools were given the name Light-Life®. Quantum physics has shown that, ultimately, everything is light. Light is energy and science has proven that all energy is interconnected; all life is in communion with, and vibrating at, levels that reflect the constant evolution toward higher levels of harmony and balance. Given the choice of a low or high vibration, the nature of energy is to rise to the higher vibration which is its true nature. Consequently, all in the harmonious field must rise to the new vibration and the Light-Life® Ring and all Light-Life® Tools, support and speed up this process.

All Light-Life® Rings can be used in many different applications, including relieving allergies, easing travel stress, combating fatigue, enhancing the taste and benefits of food and drink, speeding up the healing process, enhancing growth in plants, improving fuel mileage, and much more. Slim suggested placing rings on the chest to help relax and strengthen the tissue, stimulate cardio balance, calm swelling and tension of injuries. Additionally, the light fields above and below the Light-Life® Ring appear to relax cell membranes to allow better oxygen, nutrient, and waste transport in and out of the cell. The applications for the Light-Life Ring® are endless.

The Life-Light® Ring is manufactured in three different sizes that use ancient units of measurements based on sacred geometry: Sacred Cubit, Lost Cubit and New Cubit. Depending on the tool, these three sizes are also used for the construction of the Light-Life® Acu Vac Coil, the Light-Life® Feedback Loop, Light-Life<sup style="font-size:10px;">®</sup> Harmonizers and all other tools.

Sacred Cubit: The "Sacred" (sometimes called “Royal”) Cubit length was the first measurement used in the construction of the Light-Life ® Ring. The Sacred Cubit defines the solid matter of earth. The Sacred Cubit Light-Life® Ring is designed to have an impact on three-dimensional or physical conditions, and the Light-Life® Rings made in this length vibrate at a harmonic of light speed.

Lost Cubit: In 2000, researcher and inventor Hans Becker discovered the “Lost” Cubit length which was added to the sizes of the Light-Life ® Tools that same year. The Lost Cubit Light-Life® Ring appears to operate at the metaphysical level, and it vibrates faster than the speed of light. It is easy to assume that this high vibration would render it more powerful on some level. The Lost Cubit also appears to deal with mental and emotional problems or distortions in the aura.

New Cubit:
In 2011, after more research and evaluation, another cubit length was added to the array of Light-Life® Tool sizes called the “New” Cubit. This New Cubit length, used for the New Cubit Light-Life ® Empowerment Ring, is considered to be the final link in the trinity of cubit measurements (Sacred, Lost, and New). The purpose of the New Cubit Empowerment Light-Life® Ring is to support mental clarity and activity as well as enhance any healing processes, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

What we do here and now is powerful beyond measure! Slim revealed that when he made the first Light-Life® Ring, he had the insight that it could bring peace on Earth.