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Light-Life® EMF Protection Kits

Our Light-Life® EMF Protection Kits protect you from the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) emitted by electronics we use commonly, including mobile phones, mobile devices, and computers. Use these tools for peace of mind, knowing you're protecting yourself and your family.

In a 2007 case study, immediate positive energy changes were seen in the bio-field for a recipient of a phone call originating from an individual using the Light-Life® Phone Rings. Dr. Harry Oldfield conducted the study using his invention called Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP). PIP reveals patterns of non-visible light and energy imbalances. PIP is designed to reveals the body’s bio-field which can reveal the health of an individual’s chakras.
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Also, we have more research and findings in our NEW paper called "5 Things you Must Know Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)". Click here to receive the free download.

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