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It was Slim Spurling’s genius to find an effective and inexpensive way to use dowsing to detect and block toxic energies caused by Geopathic Stress Zones and the Hartmann Grid. His techniques can be applied to help eliminate health problems like stress, chronic discomfort, chronic fatigue, and others; as well as problems such as unstable relationships, dire financial situations, failing business, and much more.

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Dowsing Rods, 5 sets of 2 | Light-Life Technology Dowsing Rods, 5 Sets of 2

The dowsing rods are 18" long and are used to locate and divert earth energy.

Our Price: $18.00
Geobiology, Dowsing, Light-Life Tools DVD Geobiology, Dowsing, Light-Life Tools DVD

This video is for beginner dowsers who want to get started today.

Our Price: $35.00