Research Study - Dr. Emoto’s European Lab

Recently we had a disgruntled person post on our Instagram wall proclaiming “I hate pseudoscience!” Well, what if we just simply called it ‘science’? Because now we can! We’re so excited to share the news that we’ve started to work with Akiko Stein, a student of late Dr. Masaru Emoto. If you aren’t familiar with Dr. Emoto’s work please take a moment out of your day to show respect for this scientist and researcher who demonstrated that our emotions have an effect on the molecular structure of water. Pretty remarkable isn’t it? You know the expression “thoughts become things”? Well, it bears a bit more weight after taking time to visit Dr. Emoto’s work.

Mrs. Stein showed great enthusiasm for the Light-Life Tools and agreed to use them in her research studies. Our Light-Life Rings are said to amplify Life Force (Chi) energy and Mrs. Stein’s work will be able for us to provide proof for this claim. Although we can’t share all the secrets behind Mrs. Stein’s process, we can share these images. Some say a picture is worth a thousand words and we can’t agree enough. What do you think of the results?

While it might take a second for this soak in, let us acknowledge that these photographs have not been digitally photo-shopped or altered in any way. You are witnessing the photography of water under a microscope before and after the introduction of a Sacred Cubit Light-Life Ring. Pretty profound to see the changes happening so rapidly!

1/2 SC Gold 3 Bead Ring
1/2 Sacred Cubit 24K Gold Plated Light-Life Ring

What does this mean for you? Well since your body is composed of 65% water and doctors recommend that you drink 6 - eight ounce glasses of water a day (based upon weight), it might be meaningful for you to pick up a ½ Sacred Cubit 24K gold plated Light-Life Ring. Try it for 30 days and see if you notice any changes. We have testimonials from our clients that this potentized water helps with sleep, restores balance, clears acne, aids with digestion and so much more!

Not only did Mrs. Stein take photographs using the Sacred Cubit, but she conducted the same experiment using the Lost Cubit (½ Lost Cubit Light-Life Ring, 24K Gold Plated, 3 Beads). The Lost cubit was originally discovered by Hans Becker in 2006. A one Lost Cubit Light-LIfe Ring has a frequency of 177 mHz. Slim described its relationship to the Sacred Cubit as the atmosphere is to the earth. When the discovery was made it was quickly deemed the ‘forbidden or lost cubit’ as it seemed many of the records about this powerful cubit length had been destroyed in the historical record.

1/2 Lost Cubit 24K Gold Plated Light-Life Ring

I’ll let Slim explain:

Truly transformative power is often kept back from the general audience and held in the hands of a chosen few.

Early professional reports point to effects consciously and willfully created when an intention is fueled by strong emotional content felt within the researcher’s physical body. As of late, what some healers are noticing is that the tensor field of the Lost Cubit functions much like a lens or a window, which allows them to view information that is stored in the Akashic records. When a Lost Cubit Ring is held over a client or chakra or problematic area, deeper knowledge appears to be transferred or picked up by the field inside the ring. It deals more with the atmosphere or aura of a person, and it deals more with the mental and emotional issues that we human beings experience. We often find a release from long standing emotional or mental problems when using the Lost Cubit.

It’s nice to have a visual representation of Slim’s explanation of how the Light-Life Tools work:

The light from the ring penetrates everything in its path. Since the human body is about 70-80% water, this light goes deep into the cells, generating positive healing effects at the cellular level. The rings appear to relax the cell membranes and allow for better oxygen/ nutrient/ waste transport in and out of the cells.

We are so grateful to Mrs. Stein and her team for taking the time to include the Light-Life Tools in their work. Although the imagery is gorgeous and moving, their mission continues on with the Dr. Emoto Peace Project. They are bringing the images and their book into schools to help educate children on the power of intention. Since it’s love that is inherent and only hate that is taught, Mrs. Stein hopes that the powerful imagery will encourage children to think twice before they shoot a hateful remark at a fellow classmate.

Are you a scientist? Have an experiment worth exploring? We’d love to hear from you. Research studies help us bring tangible proof to our ever expanding community about the power of these tools. Please feel free to email us: or reach out to us on our Facebook page!