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 Give the Gift of Harmony

A Holiday Message from Katharina

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Dear Friends;

The holiday season is an exciting time of the year.  For me there is a deep connection to giving and the warmth of friends and family.  It is a time of joy and a time to connect with others. My wish for you is that you find something in your life to enjoy, and that you create the time and space to be with the ones you love and care for.

Slim, not only an inventor and researcher, but also an artist, called the Light-Life® Tools “Functional Art Forms”.  They are a wonderful gift for this and any time of the year. Men also like our jewelry; and we have great reports of how our Pyramid Pendants have changed men’s lives from a grumpy guy to a loving one. They are also a good choice when you work in a rather unfriendly environment as we have found that they transform negativity into a positive strength. If in your family the holidays are usually a little chaotic a Lotus Pendant may just be the right choice to support you in staying calm and centered.

I am happy to introduce two new Light-Life® Tools to you. Our newest pendant called the Song of the Soul and our newest Harmonizer called the Synergy Environmental Harmonizer. Both incorporate all three of the cubit measurements; the Sacred, the Lost, and the Empowerment Cubit. 

The Song of the Soul pendent connects you into your soul and seems to harmonize vibrational frequencies to attune your consciousness to the reality of your soul, bringing about clarity, raising consciousness and a sense of well-being over time.

The Synergy Environmental Harmonizer seems to accelerate the harmonizing energies within the environment and around the individual bringing back a sense of peacefulness, clarity, being present in the moment and can contribute to creativity. We recommend the silver plated ones for people living in the city, the 24K gold plated one for people living in the country.

When you gift one of our Light-Life® Tools to yourself and/or to your loved ones, you not only give a stunningly beautiful visual piece of art but also give harmony and balance. Join us in Harmonizing the World - One Community at a Time!

My gift to you this holiday season is a 20% discount on all our Light-Life® Jewelry as well as our new Synergy Environmental Harmonizer thru Wednesday, December 14th.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at IX-EL to you and yours.


Katharina Spurling-Kaffl
President & CEO


20% OFF ALL Light-Life® Jewelry
our New Synergy Environmental Harmonizer©
December 8th - 14th, 2015 

Choose from all
Personal Harmonizers
(Mini and Standard Sizes),
Pendants, Venus Mirror Finger Rings
and Earrings.

Order early to ensure speedy delivery. We can't guarantee any orders arriving before Dec. 25th


"There was something about the Personal Harmonizer that drew me to it…After putting the Personal Harmonizer on, I noticed a spinning sensation around me. My vibration was raised, and my sense of well-being was dramatically improved. My depression lifted, and never came back. One evening I went to visit a friend, and he didn’t open the door at first, because he didn’t even recognize me by the new energy I was running…

Also, I had a clairvoyant friend take a look at it, and she says that it makes my aura spin faster (higher vibration) and makes the aura denser. I think the tool is a great first step for those just beginning to become more spiritual, and want to explore their own energy."

- R.N., CA

How Personal Harmonizers© Work

I never wanted to make jewelry. That was the furthest thing from my mind. I’m too practical. But the Personal Harmonizer turned out to be quite beneficial. Our own personal bio-field is being strengthened and enhanced by the Personal Harmonizer’s light force energies. As the Harmonizer’s energy travels through us following the meridian channels, it will work its way gently through the body from head to toe - down and up - down and up. A polarity flow of body rhythms.

- Slim Spurling

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