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A Time for Giving Thanks



Click the video above to hear Katharina's Thanksgiving Greetings.


The Thanksgiving holiday is a time to pause and reflect on our most important relationships and sharing our many blessings with others. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, our loyal customers for your continued support and all you have done to spread the word that allowed us to welcome many more new customers this year to join our Light-Life® Community.

I also want to thank my amazing team for their devoted customer service and steadfast workmanship in the quality of our products.  For me, every Light-Life® Tool that leaves our office brings more light to your home, your community and to the planet. Thank you again!

This Black Friday Special will be the largest special available in the coming months because we are excited to announce some BIG changes on the horizon for 2017. Please be sure to check out our January newsletter for more information.  And, because we want to make it easier for you to contact us with questions you may have, we will be open on Black Friday during our regular business hours. No worries, I will take good care of my employees as well. Please feel free to give us a shout should you have any questions.

It has been said that being thankful for our blessings draws more positive energy to us and speeds up our healing processes. I’m inviting you to look for something every day to be grateful for and to count your blessings.

I, myself, am tremendously grateful on a daily basis for my late husband, Slim Spurling, who invented the Light-Life® Tools to heal our environment and humanity. It is a privilege to continue his legacy.

With much love & gratitude,


Katharina Spurling-Kaffl
President & CEO



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I believe the Harmonizer technology can re-harmonize human nature.

- Slim Spurling


“It seems that we don’t get chemtrails directly over our home with the Storm Chaser Harmonizer running 24/7. We can see them off in the distance and sometimes when away from home. I am amazed at the number of chemtrails over certain areas.”

R.B., MN

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