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A Special Celebration

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Greetings ~Contact.FirstName~:

September is a very special month for me and I want to share with you why. All important things in my life seem to happen in September. To name a few: all the schools I ever attended started in September, my professional trainings started in September, and most importantly and so far the most life changing event in my life, I met Slim in September 1997. To honor our life together, what we accomplished in the short time we had, and the legacy he left me with, we created another special for this month. We are offering you all our Venus Mirror Finger Rings at a 20% discount. Please see details below.

Slim’s intent for the Venus Mirror Finger Rings was to serve as a daily visual reminder and energetic attractor for archetypal influences that exist within us all. He had a profound experience when he put a Hidden Venus finger ring (in copper) on. He was able to let go off some emotional stuff he was dealing with that even affected our relationship. Some of our customers bought Venus Mirror Finger Rings as their wedding bands and had some nice side effects, i.e. disappearing of physical pain they have been dealing it for some time.

Please, when you choose to get one for yourself or a loved one, share your experiences with us. We’d love from you.

Many blessings to you and yours,


Katharina Spurling-Kaffl
President & CEO
IX-EL, Inc.

Venus Finger Ring Special:

20% OFF all of our Venus Finger Rings

Sale Dates: September 23th-25th, 2016





“My husband and I bought the Unseen Venus Rings as our wedding rings. I knew they would do good things for us, energetically speaking. What I didn’t realize is they would help eliminate pain. I have been wearing two magnetic bracelets on my left wrist for several years now. They really helped with residual pain I have from a broken bone and surgery. While wearing the ring, I took the bracelets off, and then noticed I no longer needed them because the Venus Ring makes them unnecessary. My wrist pain is gone. My husband has problems with his left shoulder, and mentioned his pain had also decreased since wearing the ring.

Both of us have an overall sense of well-being wearing these rings. I will definitely buy another ring in the future. All the Light-Life products are very effective and helpful. Thank you!”

D.D., KS

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