Remembering September 11, 2001


Remembering September 11, 2001


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In just a few short days, the 15th Anniversary of 9/11 will be upon us.  The memories of this tragic day still causes shivers to race down our spines and sears in our hearts. 

We here at IX-EL, Inc. would like to take a moment to offer our condolences to all those families and friends who loved ones lost their lives in this horrific event and all the families and friends of our fallen heroes who have lost their lives since that day. Not only were the lives of the people who were directly affected changed, the lives of everyone in the New York City community changed as well.

My father used to say, "There is a gift in every bad situation." The terrorist attack of 9/11 inadvertently sparked good.  Americans connected like never before sending the city of New York support that brought us all closer together.  Strangers were helping strangers and tragedies were turned into triumphs of the human spirit.

I've chosen our Personal Unity Harmonizer© and the 1/4 Sacred Cubit Lotus Pendant Silver Plated as our special for this occasion. From my own experience as well as other reports, the Personal Unity Harmonizer protects and enhances our own energy field and creates balance and harmony within ourselves and those entering into its field, which is about 15 feet radius.

All our Harmonizers create a coherent light field. When those fields intertwine a stronger, denser light field is created to support higher consciousness and human growth.

The 1/4 Sacred Cubit Lotus Pendant Silver Plated has been of great support going through grieving processes. It may also help you stay centered in the midst of chaos; protect you from picking up other energies, and balancing your chakras. We were also informed that it may restore the DNA to its original blueprint when worn for 60 days. We trust that it will be of great benefit for you as well.

Warm regards,


Katharina Spurling-Kaffl
President & CEO
IX-EL, Inc.

P.S. Below is a personal experience from one of our customers in Hawaii who asked for support in dealing with several storms . . .

Hurricane watch was cancelled Saturday morning!  Yes!!!  Lester has been downgraded to a Level 1 hurricane and is passing far enough north of the Islands that we've escaped the worst of the wind and the rain.  The only effects are high surf.  Here at home we've had gentle rains and normal winds today--a fairly normal day.  Much relieved and very very appreciative!  Just to be safe we'll keep things up and running through Sunday.

Thanks once again for your support and please pass our thanks to everyone who responded to the call!  We appreciate everyone's efforts and are so very happy with the results!

Keiko also include the graphic below.  It's truly amazing to see how activating our Harmonizers© along with the joined efforts of the power of prayer and other healing energies reported to have helped make a difference in the trajectory of the storms.


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Slim’s intention was to clean the environment of all kinds of pollution.  In the early years of the Light-Life® Tools, Slim refrained from making 1 Sacred Cubit Harmonizers©, as their energy would have been too powerful. However, after more than 10 years, communities with Harmonizers© had grown steadily and, with the effect of consciousness-raising they contributed to, it was really time to come out with a more powerful version. Thus, the Cosmic Washtub was born.

Several years later, Katharina Spurling-Kaffl had a notion to create a pendant-sized Cosmic Washtub, which she named the Unity Harmonizer©. One of her psychic friends told her that the name did not reflect what the Unity Harmonizer© actually did. She suggested calling it a protector, as she could see the strong field that was created by this personal size of a Cosmic Washtub Harmonizer©.


“The first tool I ordered was a Unity Harmonizer©. After about three weeks of wearing it, I found a discernible difference in my attitude towards others. I felt that I had noticeably more compassion and acceptance of the foibles of others. I realized that I was having forbearance and acceptance of those traits for which I usually had little patience. I was bemused to recognize that I had, at one time or currently, also possessed those very traits. Also, I have noticed my intuitive abilities are amped way up beyond anything I’ve had before.”

M.M., OR

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