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April was truly an amazing month – and it’s not over yet. Spring is definitely here and we can see it everywhere. My pear trees are blossoming, and so are my lilacs with the most intense smell. From the 15th – 18th I participated at the Dowsing and Alternative Healing Convention in Fayetteville, AR. It was organized by the Ozark Research Institute and I had an opportunity to speak about the Light-Life® Tools. I very much enjoyed being with my friends at the Ozark Research Institute again and meeting new friends and many wonderful people; down to earth powerful healers and great speakers. I learned a lot and had fun in the process. I highly recommend you check them out and sign up to become a member. The member benefits include that your name is added to their healing circle, which meets every Tuesday. Click here to learn more about it.

The following weekend I spent with another great group at the Subtle Energy Retreat in Lakeside, CA where I had an opportunity to talk about Slim’s method of Geopathic Stress Reduction. I celebrated Earth Day and my birthday with an inspiring group of people. What more can you ask for? I also learned about Thermography. And I want to share that with you because I find it very important especially for women, but also for men, as it can detect i.e. breast cancer eight (8) years before mammography does and of course many other types of cancer as well. It is not invasive and painful like mammography. To learn more about it please click here.

While you are reading this email I’m on my way to Germany to give a one day workshop about the Light-Life® Tools on May 7th. If you know people in Germany who may be interested in the Light-Life® Tools, please send them to our German website. Click here for more information.

So, enough about me! Mother’s Day is coming up and I hope you are ready to celebrate! Life is too short not to take every opportunity to celebrate. You don’t have to be a mom or even have a good relationship with your mother, as I’m sure you know someone in your life to celebrate. If not, just look in the mirror and celebrate and treat yourself to one of our “Functional Art Forms”, our stunning jewelry. It’s beautiful and full of benefits for the wearer as well as the people around, i.e. depending which Personal Harmonizer you choose you may positively influence an area of about 5-25 feet. How is that for a precious piece of jewelry?

I also would like to invite you to our next upcoming workshop in the US, which is June 4 and 5, 2016 in a beautiful retreat in Arkansas. Early bird special ends May 5th, so make sure you take advantage of it. When you sign up by the 5th you will also receive a ½ Sacred Cubit Light-Life® Ring, value $35 at the workshop. If you cannot make Arkansas, please come to Colorado and experience the amazing energy in our yurt. July 16th-17th is the date. Sign up early as space is limited.

Celebrate May and your Mother's!
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I hope you see you at one of our next workshops.

Warm regards,


Katharina Spurling-Kaffl
President & CEO

Mother's Day Special - May 2016
Get 20% OFF Light-Life® Jewelry
Including Personal Harmonizers, Lotus and Pyramid Pendants
April 29 - May 4, 2016

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"I very much love the energy of the Pyramid Pendant. Let me tell you, on our way home, my partner, who is not into the “stuff” I am in, but still very supportive, asked me if he could wear the Pyramid Pendant. Katharina, I couldn’t believe it. You have no idea how significant that is. He never ever asked about any of the other jewelry or products I have been using or wearing. You truly have a very powerful, heart opening product here.

Many blessings to you."

- D.E.

Upcoming Light-Life® Technology Workshops

June 4 - 5, 2016
Introduction to Geopathic Stress Reduction and
Applications of the Light-Life® Tools

by Katharina Spurling-Kaffl

Location: Caddo Gap, Arkansas

Contact the Peace Vally Sanctuary for accommodation and meals: http://www.pvsanctuary.com

REGISTER with IX-EL here.

July 16 - 17, 2016
Introduction to Geopathic Stress Reduction and
Applications of the Light-Life® Tools

by Katharina Spurling-Kaffl

Location: Erie, Colorado

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Functional Art to Empower Your Life

According to several readings from clairfoyants on the jewelry, the earrings with Mini Harmonizers balance the chakras, align the matrix field around them, and gently raise the vibrations and frequencies into the place of perfect harmony. It is a melody, such that if you could hear it as music, would be a perfect harmonic tone.

Slim Spurling
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