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A Holiday Message from Katharina

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Dear ~Contact.FirstName~: 

I always get excited when the holidays arrive.  For me there is a deep connection to giving and the warmth of friends and family.  It is a time of joy and a time to connect with others and I wish for you that you find something in your life to enjoy and create time and space to be with the ones you love.

As you know I love our Light-Life® Tools. Slim called them “Functional Art Forms” and I feel that our jewelry is the perfect gift for you and your family and friends. Yes, even men like our jewelry and we have great reports of how our Pyramid Pendants have changed men’s lives from a grumpy guy to a loving one. Maybe you know one that fits that picture? 😊 Give it try!

Christmasdecorationsmall.jpgWhen you choose to give one of our beautiful pieces of Light-Life® Jewelry for yourself, and your loved ones as a gift, you not only give beauty but also harmony and balance. You will join us in Harmonizing the World - One Community at a Time!

To make it easy for you, my gift for you is a 20% discount on all our stunning jewelry thru Tuesday, December 15th.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at IX-EL to you and yours.

Warm regards,


Katharina Spurling-Kaffl
President & CEO

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December 9th - 15th, 2015 

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Venus Mirror Finger Rings, Pendants and All Earrings.

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"I'd like to share my experiences with the earrings I received for Valentine's Day. Although I am not normally a jewelry person, I do love the energy of the Light-Life® Tools, and I was truly excited to receive the pair of earrings with the Mini Personal Harmonizers."

"In the beginning, I wore them only a few hours at a time. Now I use any "excuse" to wear them, and I must say, I feel more centered and calmer when I wear them. I noticed during epecially difficult situations, they have been of great support. On top of that, people always notice them and remark how beautiful and unique they are. I am looking foward to receiving another elegant piece of your new jewelry."

- D.C., MI

Light-Life Jewelry - From In The Mind of a Master
Functional Art to Empower your Life

According to several readings from clairoyants on the jewelry, the earrings with Mini Harmonizers balance the chakras, align the matrix field around them, and gently raise the vibrations and frequencies into a place of perfect harmony. It is a melody, such that if you could hear it as music, would be the perfect harmonic tone.
Katharina Spurling-Kaffl
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