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The Lost Cubit Mini
Personal Harmonizer


Dear ~Contact.FirstName~:

Helping people feel better and healthier is what we truly love to do at IX-EL. When we find out about individual successes by using our tools, it makes us want to do more to keep that energy going. That's why we followed your requests for a smaller version of our Lost Cubit Personal Harmonizer. For the first time ever, we are offering it in a mini version.

The Mini Personal Harmonizers are half the size of the Personal Harmonizers and rest comfortably while wearing them around your neck. Some of the benefits we have found for the Lost Cubit Personal Harmonizer include:

  • Uplifts your spirit
  • Creates harmony in your environment
  • Strengthens the immune systems
  • Opens your mind
  • Strengthens your personal bio-field
Wouldn't that make a fantastic give for a student starting school in the fall?

August Special: The Light-Life® Lost Cubit Mini Personal Harmonizers are 20% off retail price until August 11th

On a more global note: We have been keeping a close watch on Guillermo, a storm that was threatening our friends in Hawai'i. We put our harmonizers on the map of Hawai'i with the intention to protect the islands. According to our friends, joint efforts have been successful! But now we want everyone's support with the Super Typhoon Soudelor headed towards Taiwan. Please put your Harmonizer on a map of Taiwan with the intention of protecting the island and surrounding area from the typhoon. You can use your Harmonizer to direct the positive flow of energy to help the people that may be in harms way. Please read more below on how you can help!

We are very thankful to the people who contact us by phone or email with regular updates and impending issues we can all help with. Please keep it up, we want to know what is effecting your community or country.

Warm regards,


Katharina Spurling-Kaffl
President & CEO


Light-Life® Lost Cubit Mini Personal Harmonizers 20% OFF

Includes Silver and 24K Gold Plated
August 6th - 11th
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How to ACTIVATE Your Harmonizer

  1. Place a Light-Life® Ring on the map around the Taiwan or the area that is effected (anywhere around taiwan_small_map.jpgthe Globe). Click on the map to download a bigger map.
  2. Enclose your Harmonizer in your hands and focus your intent of protecting that location (Taiwan).
  3. Place the Harmonizer on the map inside the ring.
  4. If you are using an Acu-Vac Coil place the map of the Taiwan or the area in a position, so the bead is away from it with the intent to pull out the negative energy.
  5. Leave the Light-Life® Tools in that position as long as the situation lasts.

The efforts the last few days in Hawai'i have seemed to pay off as the threat to a couple of the islands has gone down significantly (thank you Keiko for the updates!). As with Hawai'i, we are employing the same procedure for Taiwan mentioned above. We encourage you to do this as well. The Harmonizer community is strong and we can direct our energy to help many parts of the Earth that need it.

Please keep us informed of other requests, we will continue to put these into our monthly newsletters.

Our deepest gratitude to all of you who continue to use the Light-Life® Tools for the better of the planet, humanity, animals and plants. Together, we can Harmonize our world!

Testimonial - Personal Harmonizer and Spiritual Liberation

"Shortly after I had received the Harmonizer, I came home from work and sat down at my computer (a normal daily routine) and a had the most sudden and overwhelming epiphany: I was happy! Nothing external had changed in my life except for the presence of that Harmonizer, yet I felt a level of contentment and peace that I had not known since being a child. Somehow, I had let go of my pent-up emotional baggage without ever even realizing it."

by R.N., CO

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