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The Power of Environmental Harmonizers


Dear ~Contact.FirstName~:

One of our biggest visions is to bring the world into harmony. It is a grand goal and we realize we need to take baby-steps as we progress. Finding the paths to success by letting our hearts believe we can do it. This is one of the purposes of our special this month and the reason Environmental Harmonizers are 20% off until July 21st.

As you may already be aware, California has been experiencing an extreme drought for a number of years now. The situation has become critical to the farmers and ranchers there who supply our nation with a large percentage of our food supply.

We have been contacted by a number of our California based customers who have asked for your assistance with producing rain there that will gently relieve the drought, fill the reservoirs and rivers again and water the fields of farmers everywhere in the state. Read more below on how to use your Harmonizers to help!

Warm regards,


Katharina Spurling-Kaffl
President & CEO


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A Community In Need

For those of you who have a copy of In The Mind of a Master, please refer to pages 130-131 and the section entitled "Harmonizer Improves Agriculture Conditions Created By Drought" for a recommended setup for your Harmonizers. Before proceeding with this setup, it may be helpful to "clear" your Harmonizers by passing the small ring that came with your Harmonizer up and down the Harmonizer, then re-programming the Harmonizer with your Environmental Clearing CD that came with it. The instructions for this appear on page 157 of In The Mind of a Master in the second paragraph under "Guidelines to using a Harmonizer". As some of our field reports have indicated, setting intentions into your Harmonizer may be of benefit as well.

Other possible ways to help are to place your Harmonizers on top of a map of California and project your intentions into them for drought relief.
As we are made aware of other requests, we will continue to put these into our monthly newsletters."

Our deepest gratitude to all of you who continue to use the Light-Life Tools for the better of the planet, humanity, animals and plants. Together, we can harmonize our world!

Light-Life Harmonizers around the world.


" I purchased the Lost Cubit Light-Life Environmental Harmonizer, copper with 24K gold plated last January. We had been going through a drought in Northern California for about 3 months and within a week of activating the harmonizer it rained steadily for a few months. I continuously ran the harmonizer last year and we saw a 15% decrease in the city crime rate. The city also experienced its lowest homicide count in 40 years. I activated the rain intention in the fall and we had steady rain for a few weeks. I am very, very happy with the results. "

by M.S, CA

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