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Mother’s Day is approaching and it gives me great pleasure to acknowledge all the amazing mothers and mother figures in our lives.  The term "mother" to me encompasses all sorts of amazing women that not only have their own children, but play mom to their loved ones, to their friends, and to everyone around them.   

So to honor all of the “mothers” out there, I wanted to give you a special that could benefit every single one of you!

20% OFF All Light-Life® Jewelry
& Personal Harmonizers 

April 30th - May 6th, 2015 
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Each and every piece of our Light-Life® Jewelry is unique and designed to bring more energy and peace into your life. Many of our pieces feature the Mini Personal Harmonizers which are made of copper, then plated with multiple layers of silver and 24K gold. They appear to balance the chakras by aligning the matrix field around them, and thereby gently raising vibrations into a place of perfect harmony. They may also put a protective shield around your own energy field and support raised consciousness.

Let’s be honest, what lady doesn’t love some beautiful jewelry? And jewelry that makes her and the ones around her feel spectacular when wearing them? 

So take advantage of this special and be sure give extra love and thanks to all those moms in your life. They deserve it!



Katharina Spurling-Kaffl
President & CEO

P.S. In June, we will honor the contribution of Father's around the world.  While you are shopping, look at what Father's may enjoy, such as a Light-Life® Harmonizer or one of our upcoming workshops. 

Mother's Day SPECIAL
Take 20% off Light-Life® Jewelry &
Personal Harmonizers 
April 30th - May 6th, 2015

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"I received the gold plated Sacred Cubit Personal Harmonizer as a gift and, since I don't wear jewelry, set it up next to my computer (which I spend a lot of time in front of) with the Environmental Clearing CD playing continuously through a pair of ear bud style head phones. I pretty much forgot about it at that point.

Approximately six weeks after I received the Harmonizer, I cam home from work and sat down at my computer (my normal daily routine) and had the most sudden and overwhelming epiphany: I was happy! Nothing external had changed in my life except for the presence of that Harmonizer, yet I felt a level of contentment and peace that I had not known since being a child. Somehow, I had let go of all my pent-up emotional baggage without ever even realizing it."

R.N., CO

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June 20th - 21st  
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Pesonal Harmonizers 

The Personal Harmonizer turned out to be quite beneficial and continues to grow in use and popularity. What we've done is simply miniaturize it using the harmonic relationships of length, the Personal Harmonizer being a 1/8 Sacred Cubit Length. The field range of the Personal Harmonizer is 5 - 7 feet, so if you are wearing it midway on your body, its five feet or seven feet up, outward, and downward as well.

Slim Spurling
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