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Happy New Year!

I hope you made it safe and sound into the New Year. Did you set any goals and intentions or have you given up on those? A friend of mine talks about desires for the year that sound more empowering to her than goals and the stress she associates with it. I believe it doesn't matter really what or how we call it, more important is to be clear on our core values and live by them. Our core values here at IX-EL are put simple as " Live R.I.C.H."

Now, before your thoughts go in the wrong direction, let me explain what "R.I.C.H." means and that everybody can live R.I.C.H.
R= Respect; I=Integrity; C=Customers, caring, contribution; H=Having fun.
Now, knowing that wouldn't you agree that everybody can live R.I.C.H., if they only choose to?

I did not come up with Live R.I.C.H. I had the great privilege to meet Dina Dwyer-Owens last year at a conference. She serves as the Executive Chair Woman of The Dwyer Group and one of her duties is to cultivate a R.I.C.H. culture in your company. Her set of values is totally in alignment with our code of values, so we adapted them to fit our needs. I invite you to do the same. If we all lived by these values, life would be so much easier.

We have many new opportunities planned for you this year. One I shared in our first newsletter this year is that each of our employees gets to offer you, on their birthday their favorite Light-Life® Tool at 30% off. This is a 24 hour special only and rewards those of you who open our newsletter when you receive it.

If you are interested in sponsoring a workshop with me in your area, please contact me and we will send you our guidelines. We are doing our scheduling now for the entire year. You can choose between three different types of workshops:

  1. Introduction and Applications of the Light-Life® Tools. This is a hands-on workshop where you get to experience the Light-Life® Tools, work with them directly, learn how to give a session and receive one. Depending on the size of the group you may be laying on a massage table, sitting in a chair or standing up and work with a partner.
  2. Introduction and Applications of the Light-Life® Tools and Theory and Demo on Geopathic Stress Reduction. We will devote one morning on the importance of knowing and reducing Geopathic Stress. There will be less time on sessions with the Light-Life® Tools, however, to learn how to located and block Geopathic Stress is also important.
  3. Geopathic Stress Reduction and Introduction in the Light-Life® Tools. This workshop focuses on theory of Geopathic Stress, and practice of locating and blocking Geopathic Stress Zones through dowsing. This is a hands-on workshop and we will go outside and you get to practice dowsing, driving rods in the ground and checking. We will talk about the Light-Life® Tools, foremost as which ones to use to remedy Geopathic Stress. There will be no time for sessions with the Light-Life® Tools. I will be teaching this workshop together with an experienced dowser.
As I am a strongly believer that you can never have enough Light-Life® Rings our special this months from now through January 21, 2014 is...

Buy any four Light-Life® Rings
and get a fifth Light-Life® Ring of equal or lower value of the lowest purchased ring free!

IMPORTANT: When ordering, include your free ring choice in the comment box when checking out. If left blank, we will add a free ring of our choice.

If you have our book “In the Mind of a Master” you will find many more field reports included at the end of each chapter. If you don’t have one, we will include a free copy of the book with any order over $250.

Wishing you and yours the best year ever!

Warm regards,


Katharina Spurling-Kaffl
President & CEO

Buy any four Light-Life® Rings
and get a fifth Light-Life® Ring of equal or lower value of the lowest purchased ring free!

Our special lasts through January 21, 2015.
We will include a free copy of the book, In The Mind of a Master,
with any order over $250

IMPORTANT: When ordering, include your free ring choice in the comment box when checking out. If left blank, we will add a free ring of our choice.



"I wanted to write you about my experience with the rings in helping with my high blood pressure. I have worked in a high-stress job for many years and have taken high blood pressure medication for the past 10 years. Even on medication I have never had a really low reading when I visit the doctor or take it at home.

Last summer on your advice, I started using the rings in two different ways. I would wear a plain jane ring on my left wrist when I went to sleep (sometimes I would not wear it but instead place it over my heart when I was going to bed). I then took a large heavy ring (3 1/2) and placed it under my bed, directly under where the upper part of my body was located. I did this for about two months. During this time I didn't change my lifestyle much at all, but when I went into the doctor last fall, I has my lowest blood pressure reading in the past nine years! I was stunned and even cried a little at the relief and shock. I sleep regularly like this and have found my energy feel more consistent and positive. I won't stop using them and am finding more uses regularly. "


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Rings with Beads - From In The Mind of a Master

The beads are simple amplifiers. They add a bit of electrical energy, which is then converted from voltage to current. And that increases the strength and density of the field. This spherical capacitor was used by Tesla in the production of some of his free energy devices and energy transmission systems. We adapted that to our purpose and what it does is just give the rings a little bit more horsepower.

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