Light-Life® Technology Distributors

Benefits of becoming a Distributor of Light-Life® Tools

If you have a store or a network of friends and/or clients who are interested in the Light-Life Tools, consider becoming a distributor. Depending on the level you enter the program with, you receive a discount on all of your purchases and your first workshop with Katharina Spurling-Kaffl is free of charge. Additional workshops are at a discount.

More importantly, you become a key player in the powerful movement to heal the earth and all its living beings, as you spread the powerful technology of the Light-Life Tools.

For Distributors there are no sales limits, so your profits are limitless. The only restriction is not selling to European customers. There are no territory rights anywhere else in the world.


  • Receive a discount on Light-Life Tools based on your sales volume
  • Manage your own product inventory
  • Get direct access to our distributor support network
  • Receive special distributor discounts

We would love to welcome you as a distributor and as a partner in our mission to bring harmony and wellbeing to the world.

Please click on the appropriate Distributor Agreement below and get started today!

American Distributors can distribute anywhere in the world except European countries. United States Distributor Agreement (PDF)

European Distributors can distribute to anyone in Europe and all other areas in the world except the Americas. European Distributor Agreement (PDF)

Distributors from neither America nor Europe (Asia, Australia, Central America) can distribute to any other area in the world. International Distributor Agreement (PDF)

Interested? The first step is to get hold of us using the form below and we will promptly get in touch with you so you have time to review a Distributor agreement and a more detailed description of the benefits.


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