Written Testimonial

Chelan, WA Light-Life Tools Workshop - 2012

What an amazing Light-Life Tools workshop this was in Chelan. Katharina was skillful at introducing the tools, explaining how and why they were made and how they are used. She incorporated field studies, testimonials and hands-on practice. There were several experienced practitioners in the workshop, and she welcomed their comments and teaching also.

There was a nice mix of theory and practice with plenty of time for questions and discussion.

I observed dramatic shifts in several of the participants. One gentleman was not able to fill out his disclaimer form upon arrival due to a condition that makes his hands very shaky. Later that morning he asked me to come look at his notes that were completely legible. He had been wearing a 1/2 sacred cubit on one arm and a 1/2 lost cubit on the other arm for a few hours. He was in awe.

Another gentleman that lives in constant anxiety & PTSD from combat looked like a different person by the end of the workshop.

Even the gentleman that was working in the shop next door to the workshop was enthralled with the products and an energy he had not felt before. The day after the workshop he came and read "In the Mind of the Master" while borrowing and wearing my 1 New Cubit gold plated ring. He completed the book in less than an hour and began explaining the tools in intricate detail to other customers. He purchased the ring today, gave me a hug, and said his life is transforming.

The day after the workshop I had a call from the Tai Chi instructor in town. She said on the first day of the workshop she was walking downtown and there was light coming from the building where the workshop was being held, and that all the colors were more vivid and clear. She sincerely thanked me for helping to clear the valley and bring in so much more light.

I sincerely appreciate Katharina's coming to our beautiful little town and for eloquently sharing her knowledge. She was wonderful to work with and I am very eager to coordinate another beginning class April 5-7, 2013, with an advanced class following soon.


BeverLi Joi, Workshop Coordinator at Spirals, Chelan, WA

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