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Applications of Light-Life Tools

Are you looking for simple ways to improve your health? Do you want to boost your existing wellness program?

Learn how to help your home and workplace become a protected, harmonized sanctuary by reading our overview of uses below. Help manage discomfort, keep children calm and improve travel.

We've created this page as a guide to using our products. Here is where you'll find inspiration in supporting your endeavors to bring your health, your home and your environment back into balance.

All of our Light-Life Tools can be used to nourish wholeness. Here, we break it down into easy-to-read categories for specific uses.

Helping to alleviate discomfort, speeding up the healing process and reducing stress are some of the ways you can use the tools for your personal use.

Manifesting Heart ChakraBack PainKnee PainKnee Pain

Children can also benefit from having the tools used on them for help with anything from reducing agitation to discomfort relief.

Reducing FeverChildrens Health / Stomach AcheChildrens Health / Stomach Ache

Using Tensor Rings around common household items can help improve their functioning to a higher level that may benefit everyone.

Household healthBeneficial to Food and Water Beneficial to Food and Water Beneficial to Food and Water

There are many ways to use the tools to help protect and improve your performance while you are on the job, increase your focus and maintain your energy.

EMF protectionIncreasing energy at workIncreasing energy at work

Your trips can be made more enjoyable by employing some of the techniques we've been told work to help gas mileage and reduce jet lag.

Improved gas mileageLessening fatiqueTraveling healthyClearing the Way - Reducing Traffic

Using Light-Life Tools on pets and animals is a very effective, non-invasive way to help ease arthritis discomfort in an older animal, clear colic in a horse, help with respiratory issues or simply potentizing the water they drink.

Pet ArthritisPet ArthritisPet ArthritisAnimal Respiratory Protection