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The Light-Life® Acu Vac Coil acts like a vacuum cleaner—the negative energy that causes pain in the body is drawn through the coil and converted into positive energy.

As with its parent device, the Light-Life® Ring, the Acu Vac Coil and the function and properties of its energy-flow was checked and certified by gifted clairvoyants.

The Light-Life® Acu Vac Coil was developed from the principle of the Light-Life® Ring. The coil is a superconductor, differing in the fact that the one-way energy flow is directed along the axis of the coil. Every radio wave, every microwave, every television station, every cell phone, every tree, every rock is emitting microwave frequencies at higher and lower energy levels. The Acu Vac Coil is designed to turn harmful microwaves into positive energy.

The benefits of using the Acu Vac Coil are numerous including helping to draw out pain, increasing mental focus, aiding in emotional healing, increasing fuel economy, and helping an individual clear chakras and release anxiety and fear. Health practitioners have found the coil to be very effective and therefore they are able to get more done in less time because the length of healing sessions can be reduced.