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Acupressure Tool Light-Life® 24K Gold Plated

Light-LifeŽ Acupressure Tool, gold plated; 6 " length copper gold plated.

Our Price: $45.00
David Slater Healing Hands Technique DVD

For more information please visit

Our Price: $35.00
Dowsing Rods, Set of 2

The dowsing rods are 18" long and are used to locate and divert earth energies.

Our Price: $2.00
Eye Mask Light-Life® Silver Plated

Our most recent product, the Light-LifeŽ Eye Mask, is made out of copper wire , silver plated, with an adjustable elastic strap.

Our Price: $153.00
First Aid Kit

This kit can be a great help in relieving pain and discomfort and helping plants to thrive.

List Price: $180.00
Our Price: $153.00
You save $27.00!
Grandmothers Drum

Our Price: $35.00
Head / Horse Mask Light-Life® Copper

Horse Mask Light-LifeŽ copper; Similar in function as other Nose Masks but larger. Can be worn over the head or face. Recent studies show horses do well and don't mind it strapped to the nose.

Our Price: $288.00
Intro to Meditation Kit

A great kit to help cleanse the aura and set the mind at peace during meditation.

List Price: $522.00
Our Price: $504.00
You save $18.00!
Light-Life Phone Rings - Small Light-Life® Phone Rings, small size

Designed and reported to help alleviate damage that may occur while holding a cellular device for prolonged periods.

Our Price: $54.00
Light-Life Phone Rings - Standard Size Light-Life® Phone Rings, standard size

Designed and reported to help alleviate damage that may occur while holding a cellular device for prolonged period.

Our Price: $99.00
New Starter Kit

Seems to improve over all health, well-being, and surrounds one with positive energy.

List Price: $162.00
Our Price: $135.00
You save $27.00!
Nose Mask Light-Life® 24K Gold Plated

Nose Mask Light-LifeŽ copper, gold plated. Same principle as the copper Nose Mask however some believe gold to be an energy generator and remover of blockages with the power to strengthen, amplify and conduct energy.

Our Price: $63.00
Nose Mask Light-Life® Copper

Nose Mask Light-LifeŽ Copper.

Our Price: $54.00
Nose Mask Light-Life® Silver Plated

Nose Mask Light-LifeŽ silver plated. Copper with one silver layer. Silver tends to be more feminine. When you layer metals you generate a stronger energy field. Silver seems to be a gentler, faster, stronger energy. Copper with one silver plate.

Our Price: $72.00
Practitioner Set Light-Life®

Super-potentizes water which detoxifies the body and results in more energy, reduced appetite, and less need for sleep.

List Price: $315.00
Our Price: $270.00
You save $45.00!
Pyramid Unit - Double Tetrahedron Pyramid Unit

This double tetrahedron is a solar plexus powerhouse.

Our Price: $1,188.00
Set of three Light-Life Phone Rings SAVE $29! Buy a set of three of Light-LifeŽ Phone Rings

Buy our phone rings in bulk and save!

Our Price: $265.00
Slim Spurling's Tool Kit

Slim always had these three tools wherever he traveled all over the world. He felt that with these tools, anything was possible.

List Price: $216.00
Our Price: $189.00
You save $27.00!