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1/2 Sacred Cubit Light-Life® Ring,
copper, 24K gold plated, 3 beads

May increase oxygen flow and may give you more energy.

Our Price: 36.00
Sacred Cubit Light-Life® Personal Harmonizer©, copper, 24K gold plated, LACQUERED

Positively affects you and people in your vicinity.

Our Price: 360.00
Unseen Venus Finger Ring, sterling silver

Designed and reported to create a radiant field that promotes well-being.

Our Price: 111.00
Sacred Cubit Light-Life® Personal Harmonizer with Light-Life® Feedback Loop, Silver Plated, LACQUERED

Another wearable tool that helps one take command of their life and feel empowered.

Our Price: 495.00
Lost Cubit Light-Life® Mini Personal Harmonizer, copper, silver plated, LACQUERED

Strengthens personal bio-field and protects against picking up negative energies from others.

Our Price: 324.00

Our Story

Carrying on the discovery of Slim Spurling, it is our vision and mission to Ensure you have the Energy and Vitality you need to live your most amazing life by bringing harmony and healing to you, the earth, and its entire population. Light-Life® Harmonizers, Rings, Acu-Vac Coils and Energetic Spheres may help you regain that Energy and Vitality.

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